Branding and Corporate Identity

Branding and Corporate Identity

Branding and Corporate Identity: we will start, if you don’t have it, creating the name for your company that better communicate its values. We want it to be easy to pronounce and to remind. We will take into account that it should be recorded as a trademark and we will find free Internet domains.

Created the name, we will make the design of the corporate image by observing the psicomarketing requirements and the graphics aspects.

We will give you the corporate identity manual to the be sure that the image of your company will be applied easily and homogeneous.  This way we guarantee its correct implantation to promote the repetition effect ergo its memory ergo branding.

We make restyling or we redesign brands created long time ago that requires repositioning in the market as a result of generational changes, opening of new business lines, exporting  or new markets access. We project its values and provide them with a more fresh, current and dynamic image in full tuning with the new managerial targets.


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