Social Commitments

Social Commitments:

Donations: 1% of our turnover to Intermon. We have the great fortune to work, and to have health and love. We extend some of this good luck to those who need it.

Patronage: new talent orientation. Because it’s the future. There is so much talent that needs a little push. We love to do it and we grow in the process.

Environmentalism: we recycle everything. Paper, plastic, ink … We have, for the moment, just one world and it is the legacy for our children.

Networking: active, we connect people to favor them. Sharing knowledge and experience makes us grow, to ourselves and others.

On our facebook you will be informed of the results of these commitments!



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    We set in motion all our ability, will and energy to keep more than satisfactorily, the objectives of the project entrusted to us. We are committed professionals and the fulfillment of our commitment is the driving force of our creativity. We are reliable people, we have one word!
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