Social networks in out 2015

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Social networks in out 2015

Although already have initiated a change of strategy, with the implementation of new algorithms and services of video, Facebook and Twitter will begin to lose quite a lot this year. Other social networks like Instagram and Youtube will earn greater strength because of the value that his contents generate to the companies.

This is one of the trends that experts in digital marketing like Juan Merodio aim of expensive to 2015, a year in which the social networks and the colaboration consumption will be totally key for the business strategy. “Increasingly, the businesses and the professional services will asset his bases in a digital plan that next integrate and lean in the physical part. Who do not take into account this shape to do and grow will be losing business and even launching to the business suicide”, explains Merodio. “The economy, now more than ever, is digital”, adds.

This will be also the year in which Facebook or Twitter, up to now the social networks more popular, will lose his hegemony manually of others more useful since the business and professional point of view. Both suffer already a wear because of his long cycle of use, and in the case of Facebook also to the excessive advertising and videos that includes to the pages of start. Nevertheless, both are adapting , with new algorithms and services.

Conversely, the companies will put his focus in other social networks that provide them greater levels of rentability. It is the case of Instagram, that will have a big expansion this year.

Also it will grow the use of Pinterest, especially in the terrain of the ecommerce since it represents a good digital channel of exhibition of product, allowing the access to a wider public and general.
On the same line increasing and in a second in which every time consumes more video, *Youtube *posicionarà how the referent for the brands.

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